What to see & do in Playa Marsella

Playa Marsella and its unique shaped bay are home to many types of fish and crustaceans. 

Fishing from the beach or the rocks is popular while snorkeling or spear fishing in the water can be rewarding with a lobster or two.

·   Sports fishing tours by boat from Playa Marsella, go further out with refreshments and gear provided, are  the best way to catch the larger fish like Dorado, Mackerel and Tuna to name a few.   The majestic Sailfish are out there too for the real keen sports fisherman, catch, photo and release.

·   A scenic boat ride on the Booze Cruise leaves in the afternoons for a trip up the Northern coastline past Playas Maderas, Majagual into Costa Blanca and returns on sunset with drinks and refreshments included. 

·   The Trail Rides by horseback venture along the beaches and into the tropical forest terrain.  A great way to experience the beauty of the natural habitat in the Playa Marsella valley.

·   To try your hand at Surfing, private or group lessons are available on Playa Marsella and are a fun way to learn the popular sport.  For those who can, Playa Maderas is a short walk or paddle, to the next bay to catch bigger waves.  

Yoga is such a calming exercise on Playa Marsella and instructed lessons are offered to those who wish to meditate and regenerate in the tranquil ambience of the beach.

·   Frisbee Golf is a 12 hole course along the entrance road coming into Playa Marsella.  Part of the course follows the El Baston River which flows into Playa Marsella. Not only is it picturesque but the wildlife is in abundance from monkeys, iguanas, butterflies and many tropical birds.  To make a complete day of it, bring a thermo, cooler, chilly bin or esky as there is a self catering BBQ area with amenities for Frisbee Golfers to use

Restaurants and bars in Playa Marsella

The El Baston River runs down from the hills, through the forest areas and joins to the sea (only during the rainy months) on Playa Marsella.

The main entrance road to the beach also runs along the river and passes a variety of restaurants.  Being so close to the ocean, seafood is a specialty along with a variety of beef and chicken dishes cooked Nica style with all the local trimmings.

  •  Rancho Marsella or also known as “Concha’s” is on the mouth of the river overlooking the beach.  Their tasty ceviches and seafood dishes caught locally, the Sopa de Mariscos (Seafood Soup) is a favourite on weekends.  Sitting underneath the el rancho you can take in the beach view or see up river and catch a glimpse of “Paco” the crocodile who lives amongst the trees.  Paco also likes to have lunch at Concha’s, where they call or whistle him up and he is rewarded with fish bits.  Paco is approximately 3.5 metres long and he is a very happy snappy being so well fed.  
  • Walking 50 metres back along the entrance road away from the Playa Marsella entrance, Villa Mar has an elevated balcony area with Wi-Fi internet that overlooks the tree lined river as well as a view to the beach.  Open for breakfast with an all day menu, including a variety of seafood dishes prepared to your liking and the chicken with jalapeño sauce is delicious. 
  •   Chilo la Humalera Bar & Restaurant a Nica Bar & Restaurant owned by a friendly Nica family, headed up by husband Cheranga and his wife Chilo.  This welcoming little bar fronts onto the entrance road 50 metres before Villa Mar (100 metres back from the beach) and is also locally known as “Cheranga’s” or“Chilo’s”.  Their traditional Nica menu highlights beef, chicken and seafood along with the langosta al ajillo, (lobster in garlic sauce) and the fish catch of the day filleted or entire in generous portions prepared differently with sauces of choice to tantalise the taste buds.  Open all day from 7am for a hearty breakfast going all day for lunch and dinner continuing on till 10am at night or much much later by crowd demand.  Here at Chilo & Cheranga’s you can also buy milk, cigarettes, cookies, packet snacks and take away beer, rum, juice and fizzy drinks like coke, pepsi etc in 1.5ltr and 3 ltr bottles.


  • 25 metres back from Chilo & Cheranga’s is the entrance into the Pacific Bay Hotel.  Built on a hill, the second storey restaurant has a balcony with a panoramic view of Playa Marsella and the valley from canopy level.   The Hotel also has a pool, Wi-Fi internet, eight ball table and foosball and on Thursday nights is their all you can eat pasta night.  The day Menu includes burgers, salads and the Tenderloin Steak Sandwich with Gorgonzola Dressing is a must for the beef eaters.  The Evening Menu you are in for a treat with Lobster, Shrimp, Beef and Chicken prepared gourmet style with trimmings like Red Wine Mushroom Sauce, Mashed Potatoes and Lettuce tossed with Walnuts to name a few.  The Chocolate Lava Cake and Ice-cream is a delicious way to complete your experience.


  •  450 metres back from the Pacific Bay Hotel entrance, the Bluues Munchies Café or also known as “Sergio’s Pizza” is on the Frisbee Golf complex.  Open Monday & Wednesday nights the pizza’s Sergio makes are the best.  Made in a stone pizza oven, using wood fire for heat, along with the traditional Italian toppings, Sergio’s pizzas’ are so good that forward bookings are necessary. PH: 8814 8530


  • El Secreto is a beachfront restaurant serving imaginative dishes focused mainly on seafood of course. Great place for a romantic sunset dinner.

Playa Marsella

One of the prettiest beaches in Nicaragua, Playa Marsella is only a 10 minute drive from San Juan del Sur. However, the beach is much quieter and is a nicer swimming beach.

Right next door to Playa Marsella is Maderas one of the top surfing beaches in Nicaragua.

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